At Bryn Gwian we have designed four drives to simulate a real Game Shoot. The drives provide a varied and challenging shooting experience from high, fast Pheasant flight to low Duck landings. 



Set amongst the farm woodland, the challenge is to spot the target as it rustles the branches of the aged trees. The guns are positioned at a lower elevation to the woodland making the target even harder to intercept because of its higher elevation. 


With stunnning panoramas of Snowdonia and the Conwy Valley and Estuary, the trick at the Duck drive is managing to keep your eye on the target. The clays are released at low level, causing a seemingly increased accelration and imitating ducks flying quickly to the pond.


The farmland creates a natural simulation for elevated Partridge flight. The guns are spread out as their target emerges from behind a high ridgline, the key is spotting them before they pass over head. 


Our finale tests the guns stamina, ensuring all 4500 clays have been delivered, the traps go all out to create a sporadic, speedy and elevated Grouse flight finale.